56 quite Creative Pies being also Cool To Eat

not totally all pies are created equal. Some, like mine, tend to be miserable trainwrecks, while some, such as the amazing pies on this record, tend to be culinary masterpieces.

using the services of pies differs from using cakes due to the fact, by most requirements, fondant and icing do not cut it – you need to use the cake’s pastry and completing to your workplace your magic. If you have produced a beautiful cake you’d love to give the entire world, please include it to the post!

number 1 Apple Rose Pie

no. 2 Octopus Pie

# 3 Gorgeous Tree Pie

number 4 Flower Pie

number 5 Autumn Pie

number 6 Medieval Pie

no. 7 Owl Pie

#8 Dragon Pie

# 9 Chicken Pot Pie

#10 Autumn Leaves Pie